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Where Are You Going?

Good Morning Beloved Family, What an incredible privilege to share the Word of God with you today! Thank you all, for joining us. Heavenly Father, I give You thanks and praise, for all those gathered today I have been so incredibly blessed for some years now to serve You and them In the course of my journey, through the hills and valley's I have discovered a great many things about You, Your Word and myself I must admit, I find myself amazed at what You have accomplished in my life, and only when I pause to look back, I see just how far I have come I have learned some astonishing truths that have kept me strong You have allowed me to persevere in spite of myself You have allowed me to encourage others, comfort them and instill hope You have given me a platform in which to share Your Word in my commitment to uphold Your truths I pray that You give a deeper understanding for Your church we need Your wisdom, perseverance and strength in order to accomplish it

Satan Your Kingdom Is Coming Down!

Good Morning Beloved Family, Today's message is one of those messages, I find a bit challenging, if not uncomfortable to teach, but nonetheless, extremely necessary. It deals with some rather critical issues found in many of the religious systems today. Ones, I have actually avoided, but the Holy Spirit has been continuously calling me to speak about, therefore, in complete submission to the Holy Spirit, I must do it. Or as they say today, "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do." (deep breath) First let's pray.. Heavenly Father, Today, I thank you for my family gathered here. I ask that you bless them with Your favor and provide for all of their needs.  Grant us compassionate hearts, fill us with Your love that does not keep records of wrong doing, and bring joy to our hearts, when helping others. O Father, I pray that You protect them from harm and evil, from false teachers and doctrine.  I pray that anything that is hidden in darkness will be brought i

Five Keys To Power

Good Morning Beloved, Oh what a blessing from God, that we have the privilege of coming together, and worship the presence of the Almighty God, the Creator of the entire Universe. How absolutely awesome is that? Heavenly Father, We wait to hear from You, through Your Word, Your Holy Spirit A message for Your church today.. Thank You for the breath of life, for life flowing in and out each one of us. It is such a wonderful blessing to be alive. We often wait on a Word from You to hear Your still small voice Yet You consistently hear our prayers, our cries, our complaints and our praise. You are the one who hears our first breath and our last Thank you for the precious gift of life! One we so often take for granted.. Teach us to breathe.. Teach us to exhale hatred, and inhale Your love. Teach us to exhale despair, and inhale Your hope. Forgive us O Lord, when we are not outraged by injustice,  hatred, war and violence In Jesus&#

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