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Living and Loving the Good Life - Part 1

Good Morning Beloved, Thank you all for joining us today Heavenly Father, Today, we pray that You would restore in us a right attitude We know that must begin with us.  We ask that You would also restore a right attitude in Your church, help us to be makers of  peace, humble, lovers of people, compassionate, sympathetic toward others, that the world around us may see the change in us, and identify us with You, and that You might receive all the glory. Father, may we come to realize that living and loving the good life starts inside, it doesn't matter what we have or don't have, it isn't in the things we accomplish, it isn't how funny or smart we are or how popular or even how high the social position we obtain. The good life, the life we love comes when we bring to it the right attitude because if we're makers of peace, then we'll have peace. And if we love You and if we love others, we'll find our fulfillment  is not in objects. If we are

If Christ Be Our Example - Part 2

Good Morning Beloved, Heavenly Father, I just cannot thank You enough for the great reminder You've given us. He who is our Christ  Our Substitute, our Shepherd, our Guardian. We bless You.  We praise You, we exalt You. We are so grateful that He is our standard by which we eagerly accept the call to patiently, and unjustly suffer and form our responses after Him, taking it and entrusting the equity and the righteousness into Your hands.  Thank You for opening our eyes, that we have been able to see Him as our sin-bearing substitute, the one who paid the penalty for our sins, who died in our place. Thank you that we have seen Him as the suffering Shepherd who gives His life for His sheep in order that He might rescue them and gather them in the fold.  It’s all about Christ, Father.  We want only to love and exalt Him, as we should, because all else is loss.  All in Him is gain. May He be praised in this not only this moment but in each day, throughout our live, now an

If Christ Be Our Example - Part 1

Good Morning Beloved, It is always such an honor and a privilege to share with you, the Word of God Thank you for that privilege Heavenly Father, Thank You, for entrusting me with this flock we often envision Christ as our Shepherd We thank You for blessing us with His example to follow Father, it has never been more apparent, that we are strangers and aliens in the world, with each passing day we long to come home we know we are to submit ourselves to every human institution. and we are to submit ourselves to our employers, no matter whether they are good and gentle or cruel and unreasonable, we understand that we are to submit even to unjust treatment, if need be, in silence, and committing ourselves to You, always the image of confidence and trust and knowing that light affliction in this life isn't to be compared to the eternal glory that awaits us, at the end of the path of suffering  Lord, help us to become as patient and willing to endure, as You h

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