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The More You Know Abundant Life Part Five

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm sure most of you have at some point, heard the term 
"Buzz Word"? But just in case you haven't..

Wikipedia says:
A buzzword is a word or phrase, new or already existing, that becomes very popular for a period of time
This morning our buzz word is "Deeper Learning."

I hear some of you asking what does that even mean..

Well, this is a relatively new term used by those in things like Speech recognition software development or robotic engineering or the internet searches.

Essentially, it's computers comparing massive amounts of data to begin to think like humans.  They are capable of utilizing multiple layers of information simultaneously in order to find an answer to a question.

I mean seriously, have any of you noticed how smart Google is?  I believe it’s actually getting a little scary actually... 

Let's just stop and think about that for a moment..

Have you ever wondered how it is that you can put just a few words into Google and it will usually produce exactly what it is that you are looking for? In milliseconds?

Out of literally trillions of pieces of information and innumerable possibilities, it knows exactly what you are looking for.  Even if you misspell a few of the words.

I mean what back in my day, we used to call artificial intelligence, is no longer artificial today! Think about THAT..

There is no single human being, living on planet earth, that could ever do the work that Google’s Deep Learning Algorithms do in a given search even if they had years to do it.
But Google makes that decision in milliseconds.  

And all of because of Deep Learning.
Technology as a whole is becoming scary..
You can search for something on the internet, and all of the sudden, everything advertisement on social media, and unsolicited email relates to that search!

In other words it’s looking at massive amounts of data and searching all of it at the same instance in order to give you a result.

This is called Deep Learning. And all it’s being done on a scale that I can’t even begin to explain to you here this morning!

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness"
2 Timothy 3:16

Today, we're still talking about The Abundant Life.
Jesus said that He came to give us Life and that more Abundantly.

David said: "Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

Psalms 119:11

What we know about life is that it is made up of the choices we make. We can choose who we are going to like or who we are going to love. We choose where we are going to live, where we will go to school. Who we are going to do business with or whom we will work for.

But the problem is, that every choice we make has a result – or a consequence!
These results or consequences to a large degree most often decide for us whether we are going to live an Abundant Life or a not-so-Abundant Life.

Sadly, far too many people who believe in and love Jesus Christ are living below The Abundant Life that Jesus has prepared for them.

Many Christians, sometimes think that Jesus is our Spiritual Santa Clause who is going to send all these goodies our way whether we’ve been bad or good; because that's who He is and all because of His grace.

He shows up at our door, with a bag of blessings, dealing them out like cards from a deck.
This one's for Bobby, here's one for Susie..
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

But let me assure you, that’s not really how it works.

It really is all about the decisions we make!
Now we have all made some bad decisions that really messed things up in our lives to the point that we would say, “This is not The Abundant Life”.

It's okay, you can admit it..We’ve all been there, you are not alone.

But, they weren't all bad! We have also made some right decisions in our lives.
Maybe it was who we decided to marry.
Or a career path we took.
Or a business venture that we launched.

I know that my decision to go to church for the first time without anyone telling me I had to, or it being expected that I would, was a paramount decision that has brought more blessings into my life than I could ever tell you!

What we are looking for in our lives is Life More Abundantly.
But I need to let you know right here, that Life More Abundantly does not happen spontaneously or unexpectedly.
It happens over a period of time and multiple correct decisions that ultimately bring God’s blessings into our life.

If The Abundant Life to you means a good paying job that you enjoy doing, then that might mean that you are going to have to prepare yourself to be employable by an organization that does what you want to do and can pay you what you want to get paid.

That might mean a decision to go back to college.
That might mean a decision to work somewhere as an intern.

But in order for that to happen you are going to have to make some informed decisions.

And no matter what, whether it’s a job, or a spouse, or a house or any other decision, we cannot leave out the work of God’s Holy Spirit as we make those decisions to ultimately guide and steer our lives.

Just like Google, our brains can only make informed decisions.
Other words, they make the best decisions possible with the information they are given.

So now the question is, what is the information that we are feeding our brains....?

As your Pastor, I'd like to make this all sound very spiritual, but as I’ve already said, Life is about our choices and decisions.
If we make a good choice, we'll have a good life.
Make a bad choice, have a bad life.
It really is that simple, right?

But Jesus said that He came to give us life and that more abundantly.

So how does this even happen?

It happens when we put the information that is needed for us to make the kind of decisions that bring blessing into our lives instead of the other stuff, we'd all rather avoid..

Let's take a look at the Word:
"For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."
Hebrews 4:12

And ya'll thought that Google was smart!
God has a Word for literally every thing we face, question we can imagine..
Can I get an Amen?

"I will delight myself in Your statutes;
I will not forget Your word."

Psalms 119:16

Anybody know where I'm going with this?
If you have an idea, raise your hand..  
Ok, there's a few of you.

Now let's see if you're right..
We need God’s Word!
Say that with me:
We need God's Word!

Oh how we ALL need God's Word, and
we need to get it into our hearts and into our minds.

God's Word is our bread, for us to be able to sustain daily life.
Are you ready for it? Here it comes..
The internet and television are entertainment!

If you feeding your brains on fake news and entertainment,
well, do I really need to say it?
Then that’s what your brain is going to be full of, desire and CRAVE..

Our brains become insatiable. They begin to crave more and more of whatever we're choosing to feed them!
Can I get a witness? 

"Every word of God is pure;
He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him."

Proverbs 30:5

Unlike the internet and television, you can trust what is in God’s Word. God's every Word is pure. Would you look at that..

As your Pastor, I would like to tell you that the once you are baptized in Jesus precious name that you are never going to make another bad decision in your life, but I'd be lying.. 

And I have committed my life, to never do that! 
I'll give you the truth, God's Truth from God's Word, even if it's a little painful at times to hear..
Why, because what I teach, what you learn is important to me!

And to be completely transparent, it's not because I am so perfect, or so holy and righteous, it's because God's Word convicts me to do what He's called me to do.. as His Holy Spirit leads me to do it!

I'd also like to tell you that from the moment that He fills you with His Holy Spirit that you are going to live The Abundant Life because from that moment forward, you are going to make perfect and wise decisions.
But again, I'd be giving you misinformation.

 But I can tell you, you will live according to your decisions
And your decisions will need the help of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit if they are going to be decisions that bring either blessing or curses into your life.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path."

Psalms 119:105

Do you see that? “A light unto my path.”
Every one of us are on a path here this morning.
We are all going somewhere..
However, we've been given the free will, to fill our minds with all kinds of stuff.
But the more of God’s Word that we know, the brighter and clearer that path is going to become for us.

We’ll make a lot better decisions if we can see what the path looks like. And better decisions mean, a better life...

"Life More Abundantly." 

If we fill our hearts and minds with God's, we can begin to think for ourselves with the Holy Spirits guidance and not believe the lies the enemy puts in our path.
And believe me, he IS A LIAR!

"He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it."
John 8:44

We can’t just hear God's Word on Sunday or read and learn one little piece of God’s word and say that we know all that we need to know to be successful in our relationship with Jesus.
We need to constantly be “Ever learning” so we can allow God's Algorithms to begin to operate in our hearts and minds spiritually.
This allows God to speak to us through His word.

Let me give you an example;
Scripture says: “Jesus Wept”
John 11:35

Now we all know it says more than that, but if that's all you read, all your remembered, then all you know about God is that He’s a crybaby. And if you're a teacher of God's Word.. Heaven Help Us!
You’ll create a teaching, make a doctrine, and a religion out of God crying – why?  Because that is all you know about God.

Bear with me for moment; Now add to “Jesus Wept” to Jesus saying, “Judge Not”. Now your knowledge of God has expanded to understand that Jesus does not want us to judge one another and that He is emotional. 
Hey, look at that, we are growing in God's Word.

But we don't have enough of His Word in us to form a teaching, suitable to lead others do we?

Well, as you can imagine how dangerous it is, when we take little bits and pieces of God's Word and make it doctrine!
It happens all the time.. The ones I hear most often, is 
"Judge not less ye be judged" and "therefore there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus"
(muttering under his breath, and by this, that's how we got the
 Prosperity Gospel!)

Yes, I said it! I am not ashamed to say it! Prosperity Gospel is using parts of God's Word and creating a doctrine, a religion..

It's crucial that we as teachers of His Word, teach FROM His Word! 
Dare I say it, ALL of His Word..
The wonderful, inspiring Words that people applaud, stand up and shout AMEN! That almost demand they approach the Pastor with praise and adoration afterwards.
And a little of that is fine, and appreciated, but too much is UNHEALTHY!

And they begin to place the Pastor on a pedestal.  
He begins to believe he deserves to be placed there.
Let me assure you, none of us are worthy,
but He does call some of us to do it!

Pro Tip:
Verify and check all any Pastor says against the Scripture:
"Test it by fire"
We are human, yes, even us Pastors, we too make mistakes.. 
Except me of course... KIDDING!!

Let us be reminded, it's God's Word, God's message.
We just have the honor and privilege of being His messenger!
And I speak from my own experience, it is a privilege and an honor
to speak to you each week.  
And every word that I teach you, I also need to hear!! 
Believe THAT, God's not just talking to you..

So, when His Word makes all of us a bit uncomfortable, yes, even those of of who teach it, because we already KNOW what the reaction is going to be... but if it's delivered correctly, it's still God's Word!

Believe me, you have no idea how many conversations I had with God, "Are you sure about this? I have a favor, can you give me another message to teach, I'm kind of new at this, and I want people to like me.. I'll do that one later on, when I get a little at this, sound good God?'
Guess what God answered.. And I kid you not.. 
It's as though my Bible was supernaturally and spiritually opened and said now read this!

"If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me hates my Father as well. If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason."
John 15:18-25

But The Abundant Life happens as a natural result of our living for God! And doing it in such a way that good things can supernaturally come to us. 
Be a thief and you will not have a good job for long.
But be faithful to your employer as you would be to God and you will not only keep your job, but you will also get promoted.  

Maybe to the point of running the place some day.  Or even owning it…
And yes,there are scriptures that teach this.

And if we lie to everyone about everything and they won’t trust us!
You would think as simple as this sounds, that people would understand this, but believe me, not everyone does. And this is why we need to get the Word of God deep into our hearts.  

SO we’ll stop lying!
We could talk about any number different things and I can show you, as I often do, where every one of those things is mentioned in the Bible. But we can’t know these truths if we don’t get into His word, study and pray it out.
That's Deep Learning!

In closing,
The Abundant Life comes from an abundance of God's Word,
living it out in our lives..
Not just enough of it to get by....

If you truly want a blessed life, to live The Abundant Life Jesus teaches us about, we must fill our hearts and minds with His Word
and apply every thing we learn to our lives..even the hard truths!

I sincerely pray that I have been able to bring more knowledge of His Word into your hearts, your minds, your life this morning.
Not just enough to get by, but enough to change your life..

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” 
Luke 6:38

And now may the the Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Now and forever, in Jesus' name

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