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Getting Used To The Darkness

Good Morning Family!

It's so good to look upon all of your smiling faces today..

Heavenly Father,

Open our hearts, our eyes, and our minds, to the truth in Your Word for us today. Illuminate the darkness in our lives with Your presence, and Your Word. Strengthen us for Your service. May we be strengthened also by your Spirit, that we may have a long view of the worth of our work in your world this day. That we may get far enough away from ourselves, to take a honest look at Your will, to give us new depth and understanding of Your Word. Make us keepers of Your Word and of the Light, which is Christ Jesus, Who is the Light of the world.

I'm gonna warn you, this message is well, its not for the faint of heart..

But nonetheless, the its been given to me, so it's got to be said..
Keep in mind, the messenger only delivers the message.

We are children of the light. 
We have been called out of darkness. 
I don’t want any part of darkness to over take me in any way shape or form. 
Anybody with me?

But Satan is very crafty, he has been trying for years to very gradually and minutely slip darkness in on us just a very little bit at a time. Like a dimmer switch, he just barely tweaks it down and then waits for our eyes to refocus, or to get used to the new shade of darkness. And he can do it so gradually that we won’t even consciously know it, unless we are Spiritually awake and paying very close attention.

Light shined in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not; Darkness has absolutely no power over light. It can not over power it in any way. You can not pump enough darkness in to this room to over take the light. As long as that switch stays on, darkness has to flee. We must keep the light in our life constantly lit. We must walk in the light, stay in the light, live constantly in the light, for we are children of the light.

Satan has no control or dominion over us as long as we remain in the LIGHT.

When you first step out of a brightly lit room or step out of the noon day sun into a very low lit room, like some restaurants, it takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust but soon you are able to see in the dark and it seems relaxing. But it also hides a lot of filth and cobwebs from your site. 

Satan would desire for us to relax in the dark so he can slip in a lot of filth and cobwebs and sin in our lives. I don’t know about you but I want to hold on to every standard our forefathers prayed and fasted to obtain. 

Not to let go of any of them. Hold on to our moral standards and principles, our Holiness standards and our separation from this world. The Devil ain’t going to rob us of anything or slip anything in on us as long as we stand guard in the LIGHT.

Likewise as we step out of a low lit room into the noon day sun it effects our sight as well. It may even hurt a bit. We some times have to squint or shade our eyes until our eyes get refocused to the light. This is why we need church we need the preaching of the Word on a very regular basis we need daily prayer and bible reading so we can keep our eyes dilated to the light.  

Many of folks go all week long mingling in this dark world and they get used to its dark, used to the sin constantly around them and even invite sin into their living rooms.  

Then Sunday morning comes and the preacher starts preaching against the very things they have allowed to come in their lives all week long, it hurts their spiritual eyes. 

They can allow their eyes to refocus or they may just slip on a pair of shades (put on a pair of sun glasses here to illustrate) and not apply the word to their own life but instead say “Oh he’s talking to someone else not me” We have got to take off our spiritual sun glasses and throw them away I don’t need my eyes to relax I don’t want my eyes to relax I want to stay in the light and stay on guard all the time.

Satan has been turning the dimmer switch of desensitization down for years upon our country. We are in a moral down spin and we are crying May Day May Day. But it has been a gradual change and it can only be seen if you compare today with a decade or 2 ago. Satan has an agenda and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. 

He has near complete control of the media, He keeps pumping garbage and propaganda at us daily by way of TV, radio, the internet, magazines, and even billboards. 

The more people hear it and see it, they become more and more desensitized until they except even gross sin as normal. We have got to shed our selves of these sun glasses and protect the church from this filth, this darkness, this sin.

There are lots and lots of New Age words being shot at us and there needs to be a spiritual warning flag pop up when ever we hear them. Some of them that you will hear are, Interfaithisim, Tolerance, Eccumentalism, Political correctness, semantics, spin, Trinity-Oneness dialogue, openness theology, neo-orthodoxy, theistic evolution, and the divine flesh doctrine.  

We must make a strong stand for the inerrancy (meaning the Bible is infallible, without error) of God's Word and keep on the guard against incremental drift. However, many misunderstand it's teachings, therefore, believe it contradicts itself. There is an over all attack against all absolutism, But I am telling you that there is only one way. There is only One God and His name is Jesus, There is only one plan of salvation and that is the Acts 2:38 message of the Bible. 

There is no tolerance for any other message. Young people, that trinity-oneness dialogue is aimed at you. They want you to compromise and only focus on your commons. 
What they really want is for you to tell them that they are okay and that your okay and were all okay and were all going to heaven. 
But the truth is if they don’t repent and get baptized in Jesus' name and receive the Holy Spirit, they are going to be drowning in a lake of fire forever and ever and ever.  

Young people:

We have got a job to do!
And that is not to waver or to compromise not even a smidgen.
But to reach this lost of this world and those dying in a dark world with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, Who is the light and Who’s children we are. 

They have got to hear the truth.
And its up to you and me to see that they do! 

When the Pastor stands up and pleas with the Church, I need help in this area or that area, don’t put on the sun glasses. 

When a pastor says I need a Sunday school bus driver, no sunglasses, Sunday school teacher, no sun glasses, altar worker, door greeter, no sun glasses, soul winners, home bible study teachers...

Take them sun glasses off and throw them away, because if you have been baptized in Jesus' name and filled with the Holy Spirit, he is talking to you! 
Not the person next to you but YOU!

And yes you can do it for with God, because through Christ, all things are possible and you have His spirit living inside of you. 

So if you say you can’t do it then you are calling God a liar. 

The devil is desperately trying to stop you, has he succeeded? If you are doing nothing then he has. Has he slowed you down? If you are doing little, then he has. It is time we put the hammer down, the pedal to the medal, and go full steam ahead.
The devil says stop but Jesus gave us the GREEN LIGHT in Matthew 28:19 and he commanded us to GO!

In closing...

Church, let's launch an all out effort to attack the gates of Hell, breach the walls, tear down the strongholds. 
Satan, your kingdom is coming down. 

Is there any reason to hold back when their is so much at stake, souls at stake, your loved ones are at stake, your children, your spouse, your parents, your brothers and sisters and your friends?

When the Pastor asks you to come to prayer meeting, you ought to be chomping at the bits to get there. Throw off the sun glasses because he is talking to you. 
Because this is where the battle is fought, this is where victory over the devil's stronghold on your family is won. 

We are in an all out war, with the enemy!
So come on, church don’t let the devil blind you to this fact any longer. 
Get In The BATTLE...
And lets take this VICTORY HOME!  

Have we as Christ's followers become so complacent, accustomed to the comforts of this life, with the privileges of this world, that we give little care or concern for the eternal life we proclaim to pursue?

Some of you may feel the cost of obtaining the goal is more than you desire to pay, that the energy required is more than you desire to put forth. But allow me to gently remind you of the prize of the calling of God in Christ! Its worth far more than any price you can ever pay!   
And now may the Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Now and forever, in Jesus' name

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Brian Monzon Ministries

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