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No Time For God

Good Morning Beloved Family,
I am so grateful to have all of You here
because each of you are special, today's worship is special
thank you for coming

Heavenly Father,

Today, we thank You for the time we have been given
the time we have to gather and worship You
to praise You for all that You have already accomplished in and through us
for that which You are presently doing in the lives of those who love You
for the time, given for those who have not yet accepted Your Son as their Savior
And for that which will be done in faith believing.

Guide us O Lord, that we may use our time we have left
to worship and praise You, to pray for the lost
to share the message of the Gospel
to bring others to the cross of Christ

To serve You, and those whom You love
even the ones, we often over look, or condemn
Time to extend mercy and forgiveness, freely given to us
Time to love others, unconditionally, as You have loved us
In Jesus name we ask and pray
Amen and Amen

So today message is: No Time For God

Time: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.
Everything we do, is regulated by the time clock. We have all heard the many statements regarding time, “Seems I’m running out of time?” “I just don’t have the time.” “Time has gotten away from me.” Of course, there is this one, "If I could turn back time." In more recent days, in 2012, Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins, even coined the phrase, "Ain't nobody got time for that." Sweet Brown, who has never really revealed much information about her personal life, is now worth an astonishing estimated $2 million dollars. Becoming a television and internet sensation.

I recall recently, a young name who had recently over heard a conversation I was having with a store clerk, and apparently drawn the conclusion that I was a pastor. He said, "You wouldn’t know how I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ would you?" I thought to myself, "Would I have a way for you to know Christ and have a personal relationship? Yes! Let me tell you about it." After our conversation, that young man accepted Christ as His Savior right there on the spot.

Our lives are regulated by time.
We go to bed by time.
We awake by time.
We go to work by time.
We go home by time.

Thank God, man cannot control time, as all time is controlled by Him.

God created the Heavens and the earth. He made the sun, moon, and stars to give time on earth. In Heaven, there is no time, only eternity. Time was only given to man on earth. What we do with that time is very important.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going. I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and chance overtake them all. Moreover, man does not know his time: like fish caught in a treacherous net and birds trapped in a snare, so the sons of men are ensnared at an evil time when it suddenly falls on them."
Ecclesiastes 9:10-12 

Beloved, I would like to think that those who are committed to Christ, committed to biblical standards, and those who are committed to Christian morality could prevail. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that we were a people, a nation, committed to the Bible and moral standards prevailed. No more!
But we are finding out that it is extremely difficult to pull that off. We are however, divided between those who want to give place to God and the Bible and the moral standard that is indicated in Scripture, and those who refuse to have that "intrusion" in their lives. They are free, they have a 'right' to reject and neglect the teachings of Creator of the entire universe. 

I mean, when you already know all there is to know, what more then, can you learn or know? Well, since the people in today's culture seem to have everything thing all figure out, what in the world could they possibly need God for? Therefore they have no time, or use for God and His infinite wisdom.

I often find myself, wanting, somehow hoping to turn back the pages of time, but this cannot be done.

If we could somehow control time, just think how much happier we would be. If we could reach up and stop the wheels of time, we would have no more days, weeks, months, and years. We would have no more birthdays, anniversaries, and other events to celebrate that all indicate, we are running out of time. We could just go back in time, we could return to a time where our loved ones were still here with us, our current struggles and challenges hadn't occupied our lives. Our sickness, depression, anxieties didn't exist. All the illnesses and diseases hadn't yet taken over our bodies. We could undo all the mistakes of the past... If only we could somehow just control time...

But time is given to us by God therefore it is to be used in the present tense.  
We cannot live our lives in yesterday, or tomorrow, but we must live it in the present, for today.

Man, in all of his incredible wisdom, does not know when his time is up, when it is time to die and be buried. This is in the hands of God. How we then utilize our time is very important to us. So we must somehow plan so that every precious moment of time is used to our advantage.
Some people spend their time drinking.
Some people spend their time gambling.
Some people spend their time finding ways to become rich,
almost as if they can somehow buy more time.

Some people spend their time doing drugs.
Some people spend their time in prison.
And it would seem, that some people, spend their time doing absolutely nothing,
just, wasting time.

And in all of our human wisdom, we realize that there is such a high demand on our time, we must therefore, also carefully choose whom we deem worthy, of our precious, valuable time. They have time for lovers, they have time for friends, time for work, time for play, time for immoral pleasures, time for making money, time for thinking of ways to spend it. They have time to worry, time for anxiety and stress, time to argue and fight, time for adultery. Time for complain about our lives, to just about anyone willing to listen, yet no time to turn to the One, Who can change them. Time to
complain to the work God has called us to do, that for His purpose He has blessed our lives, with more time.
Time to gossip, to speak ill of others, condemning the them for their imperfections and sins, yet no time to ask God to reveal our own.

But can't somehow make time for family. And, therefore, certainly, no time for God.

However, I know some people, who spend their time living for Jesus Christ. Serving God, the people of God, even the those, who are too busy to find time for them or God. And it delights their hearts. They long for it, treasure it, actually enjoy it. And some people are so busy and caught up in time, with the things of this world, they don’t have time for their eternal soul.

God, in all of His grace has given each one of us, time. Given our beginnings in the Christian faith, sound commitment to biblical morality and theology. And yet, we have gone the same direction that of many of those before went, without the protection or the promises of being a covenant people, we find ourselves, as they once did, on the brink of judgment. We have rejected the Law of the Lord and have therefore, rejected and despised the word of the Holy One, Almighty God, The Creator of time.

This is why, when Jesus walked the earth, He wept. Because the people of that time, knew not the time of their visitation. They didn't comprehend, for the time of the Messiah had come.

Beloved, I believe Jesus is weeping over the world today, because people are neglecting to take time out for Him. People do not realize the time of our destruction, the end of time, as we have come to know it, is at hand. That one day soon, sooner than many realize, time, will be no more.

In our blatant disregard for God and His Law, the people in our culture today, have become very comfortable with sin. And that is what brought about the woe, the curse, the damnation or the judgment of many before us, in the first place. Some today, even going as far as to flaunt it, in the face of God.

Oh but there is coming a time.. in the not so far off future, when those who have rejected and abandoned the Lord, those who have turned away from His Word and despised Him, will be judged. This sinful nation, and world. the offspring of evildoers, sons and daughters who act corruptly, being weighed down with the iniquities of their sins, will be rightly judged!

In the Book of Acts chapter 24, the apostle Paul stood before Felix one day and told him about righteousness, temperance, and the judgments of God to come. Paul told Felix about Jesus Christ, His death, His burial, and His resurrection.

This was the time and chance for Felix, as mentioned in our text. What a great opportunity this man had, there was time for him to accept Christ and be saved. Felix was under conviction. So badly, that he trembled at the gospel.

One would think a man such as this, would gladly submit to Christ. People are like this today. Their time and chance comes to hear the gospel of Jesus, they hear the Word of God, the feel the weight of under conviction and tremble, yet they make excuses for accepting it not.

This was exactly what Felix did. Though he was frightened and said to Paul, "Go away for the present, and when I find time I will summon you." Felix let the most precious moment of his life slip right through his fingers. He neglected his time, his chance to be saved. He put it off. He was counting on tomorrow. He was counting on more time.

In all of our efforts to control and organize our time, more time isn't guaranteed.
A lot of our tomorrows never come to pass.

As I read through and study the Scriptures, in the New Testament, I do not find where Felix ever was converted to Christ. He lost his time and chance. He waited for a better time, a more convenient season, but it never came. He did not have time for God. He was a loser in the game of time, chance, and opportunity. His time was up.

Now he has no time left on this earth, yet now, he has nothing but time.
There are no clocks in Hell.
There are no calendars in Hell.
Hell is eternal and so are it's treacherous and torturous judgments.

Yes beloved, these words will ring true in the mind of Felix throughout eternity,

And it was the same in the days of Noah.
Sin was abounding on every side.
People had time for sin, time for pleasure, but no time for God.

Noah preached a message to them of the coming judgment of God.
They laughed, made fun and scoffed at him.
They had all the time in the world to get saved, but not now.

They took a chance, gambled with time, and lost.
Their time had run out.
Their opportunity was past.
God’s mercy was exhausted.

Because there was no time for God, ever!

Suddenly the rains came down and the floods quickly rising up.
The air was filled with screaming.
The air was filled with weeping.
The air was filled with praying.
The air was filled with moaning.
"My God, My God, Noah told us so!"

They hurriedly ran to the Ark and pounded on the door,
"Open up Noah, we believe you now!"

But God shut the door.
Noah could not open it.
It was too late, there was no more time.

They once had no time for God, now God had no time for them.
Millions perished in the flood of those days, because of their own choice.
They had no time, for God.

The Bible tells us we are living today, just like it was in the days of Noah.
Our generation is just as wicked as the generation of Noah.
Our generation is committing the same folly and sins.

Does history repeat itself? Oh beloved Yes! Yes, it does and it is
Judgment is quickly coming upon our world; it is, just a matter of time.

But for today, this time, God’s mercy is still at hand.
Time has been extended to those who have rejected Him.
The door of grace is still open.
Time and chance is still available.
Time, however, is slipping away, and very very fast.

You Sinner! Your time and chance to be saved is about gone.
You Backslider! Your time and chance to return is about gone.
You Saints! Your time is about to come.

Each day brings us closer to judgment and face to face with Jesus Christ, the Almighty God.

There are millions of people in Hell today, who have lost the battle with time.
They had time for sin. 
They had time for fun.
They had time for pleasure.
But they had no time for God.

They had time.
They waited too late.
They put it off.
They made silly excuses.
Now they have plenty of time.
They have time to pray.
They have time to cry. 
They have time to scream in agony.
Their time, has indeed come, but it can no longer be used for receiving His salvation
Now they will find time for His judgments.

Yes, beloved, if I had the power to turn back time, I would open the gates of Hell today,
that awful place would be empty. People in Hell would come screaming to these altars, begging God for mercy.
You sit here and neglect God.
You make your silly excuses.

People in Hell right at this very moment would trade places with you in a flash.
You now have the greatest opportunity of your lifetime.

Yet many of you today, even after receiving this message, a Word from God
"Preacher, I'm just too busy. I don’t have time for God."

And so, it can be said of society as a whole, not just ours, but all those that have come and gone before us, "Even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God."

Well, beloved I am here today to let you know, in no uncertain terms
You will someday have time to die, so you had better take time for Jesus, while you have time!
Oh, time, time, precious and wonderful time, how quickly you flee from us.

In Closing...

Today, you have time.
Time to believe in God.
Time to receive the free gift of salvation.
Time to secure your name in the Book Of Life.

And so, in the days of Noah, this time of judgment is coming!
Time is at hand, when we are also going to experience the judgment of God.
When Jesus in His Second Coming, will return to the earth.

Beloved, I ask you today, what will you do with the time you have left?
Will you be stricken as you continue in your rebellion?
Or will you choose this day, to at last surrender your life to Jesus Christ?

The Word of God is speaking so particularly and relevantly and powerfully to our time and our condition.

And now may the Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Now and forever, in Jesus' name

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